What's Tracy been up to...

1, it's that time of year when all i want to do on a Sunday is snuggle up on the sofa and watch a classic movie with a nice hot chocolate (options orange is my favourite, Yum!).  
2 & 3, I have been reminiscing about our fabulous California road trip we too back in 2011, would love to do it again! 
4, I find that even though the weather is turning i am still using my pastel pink Kate Spade bag and pink pumps! 
5, Walking my Doggy Rosie and spotted this, it reminds me of 'A Walk to Remember' where she is in two places at once, i know it's sad but i straddled the line.  (yep I'm a hopeless romantic!).
6, My latest phone case need! yep i need that Moschino case! ;)
7, I have a stationery addiction and whilst in the Radley store at the weekend i spotted this super cute note book and had to have it! 
8, My wonderful Hubby was away with work and brought me back a prezzie.  (So excited)!
9, I love this picture simply because my baby is 12, on one hand she is incredibly grown up and responsible and on the other she still does silly things like this that show me she's still my baby. :D 
10, This is my beauty must have at the moment, my make-up simply doesn't sit right without it, how i got to the ripe age of 32 without it in my life i will never know! 
11, Yeah!...i have finally found my super power! 
12. This is my Marc Jacobs Christmas (make-up) wish list! 
13, My Hubby's B'day night out, it was great meeting up with old friends.  
14, Keep the wine flowing...
15, There is always a casualty from a night out and this time it's my nail, i was sad having to cut them all down. 
16 & 17,  Visited with Jo, Summer & Jacob this Saturday, it cheered me up no end, seriously how can you not be happy around such an adorable baby and dog?  Also Summer was rocking an awesome Ted Baker outfit, Stylish Baby! 
18, Pure Bliss, an extra hour in bed on Sunday!!!

So Many Shoes & Only Two Feet @CompeedUK #FBlogger

Like most of us I am guilty of first day shoe syndrome…Okay so that’s not really a thing but it should be!  Like most I like buying a nice new pair of heels for a party, occasion or work.  Common sense tells me I need to wear them around the house first, maybe with socks to stretch them a little but no, I never do that, I take them from the box and place them on my feet within hours. 

Cupcake Monday!

The weekend was one of those rare weekends were we didn’t have much planned, with the Hubby and his dragon boat racing all over the country and Ellissa’s busy social life I rarely get a weekend free.  This weekend wasn’t totally free but I managed to get a whole Sunday free with the help of others Mum’s.  I spent the day doing the ironing (because I’m still a Mum and if I don’t do it, it won’t get done), baking, catching up on TV (America’s Next Top Model, Go Cory) & the F1 (which was quite sad) and going to the gym.  All in all a nice weekend!

Happy Autumn Weekend!

What’s not to love about October!  The season change has made all the leave turn inspiring shades and gives any park a festive feel.  I just Love Autumn/Winter, I think it’s because we have so much to look forward too, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas & New Years.  It feels like there is always something to look forward to.  It nice to get wrapped up and join the Hubby walking Rosie-Dog.  Bless my Hubby because he is the main doggy walker in our house, having to duty of walking Rosie all year in all weathers.  I'm the glorified taxi driver and cash machine to Ellissa so the walks tend to fall down to him, he doesn't complain though, he loves Rosie-Dog!  Ellissa is out at a surfing party this weekend (a surfing party in October!!! Madness I tell you) so I am going to enjoy a lovely October walk.

Hello October #Fitness #Motivation #gym #sofa

This time of the year i love nothing more than coming home from work, enjoying a nice warm dinner (something comforting and stodgy) changing into my pj’s and snuggling up on the sofa for the night.  Yep this is what 90% of us Brits do once the dark nights set in, however all this sofa worshipping doesn't help our waist lines for the upcoming party season!  
So i have declared this October as...gym month!  I have set myself a challenge to go to the gym every day in October (and lay of the chocolate).