2015 Workout Outfit @nike @toeSox @fitbit

Following on from my last post i thought i would do a workout outfit post.

Yes i LOVE all things Nike, when it comes to sportswear they are simply the best in my option, i love their style and designs also i find most Nike running/workout clothing last years and wash really well. 
I don’t know about you but i am a little bit of a germ freak and i hate taking my shoes and socks off for Piloxing because the floors are so mucky.  I searched the internet to find something that would be suitable to wear on my feet, to my utter joy i found Toesox!  Toesox are the funny looking sock things above.  I ordered a pair straight away and i can’t wait until they come. 

Since my last post i have upped my steps to 15,000 steps a day because i found i was achieving 11,000 by dinner time and i wanted to push myself. 

Motivation Monday @fitbit #fintess #healthy

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to give up chocolate and move more...simple right!

I’m a comfy size 12/14 and i find it really hard to keep myself motivated, at the gym i will work out until i am tired then i quite, i don’t have the ability to push myself hard so i need all the help i can get!  My friend V first introduced me to Fitbit as she got one for Christmas.  I was intrigued but not sold on it until i watched Katie Hopkins – My Fat Story.  Katies dieters used a fitbit flex in the documentary with successful results. So i thought why not?!?!
I got a really good deal from Curry’s, £20 cheaper in the January sale.

You can imagine my excitement Monday morning when it arrives on my desk; seriously i am 80% geek!  I couldn't resist i ripped the box open so i could set it up.  Turns out i needed to load some software on to my pc but my work pc wouldn't allow it so i had to wait till i got home. :)
When i was home it took all of 5 minutes to set up and i didn't need to use my laptop at all, i downloaded the app on my iPad and iPhone easy!

This is what the dashboard on the iPhone app looks like, it monitors my steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.  There are more features that I'm yet to use but i will in time.  The food plan is US based which is a pain however you can link your fitbit with my fitness pal, 
I've been using my fitbit flex for a whole week and felt i could write a little about it.  Main questions asked “does it encourage  you move more?” my answer is Yes, i found myself moving around the house more in the evening because i was so close to my goal. I'm not 100% sure of its accuracy but to compensate for that i just upped my steps to 11,000 a day.  “Was it worth the money” again Yes, like i said i managed to get a great deal on my fitbit flex but i would have paid full price because when i stepped on the scales this morning and i had lost 7lbs i was overjoyed. 
As you can see it doesn’t really come with much, two wrist bands small and large, a dongle (which isn't shown here because i left it in my laptop), USB charger wire, & the pedometer.

I bought the black fitbit flex but it comes in several different colours.  I opted for black but I've since purchased a pack of six different colour small wrist bands from Amazon at £19.
Fitbit flex is super easy to use, the app is simple and you have easy access to all the information you need on the go, also the fitbit flex can show you your progress simply by tapping the face twice, the lights flash across the display indicating how far you along you are.
I found the fitbit flex to be surprisingly comfortable to wear and sleep inn, it says you can wear the fitbit flex in the shower but i wouldn't recommend it.

Verdict so far is i really like my fitbit flex, it's showing positive results, i have set myself a goal to achieve 11,000 steps a day for a month, i will do my final weigh on the 5th Febuary and we will see if the fitbit is worth it's money! 

Happy New Year!

I sincerely apologise for the radio silence at the end of 2014, i was in a bit of a rut with my blog and wasn't to sure if i was going to continue with it. However letting it go didn't seem like an option i liked all that much, don’t get me wrong i know i don’t have thousands of followers like some but to me the loyal hundred or so people that pop over to my blog just to read or see what I'm up to gives me a warm feeling (sappy i know).  So I've decided to keep my blog and take in another direction,  i will always love fashion and you will still see a lot of that from me but what i am hoping to do in 2015 is make it more of a lifestyle blog. So that’s my new direction...what do you think?

Top Autumn Street Style Trends From Pinterest!

What Style will you be Rocking this Autumn/Winter?  Will it be the Cape? the Checked Scarf? the Sung or the Oversized Jumper?

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...its Fashion Girl!

"THAT charming Little Red Riding Hood sensibility, a heavy dose of practicality and
 a dash of super hero kapow! There's a lot to love about the cape, and it's making a 
play for your wardrobe this season"
Some people turn to God for help in a crisis i turn to Vogue, i know it's not the same but it calms me down and after flicking through the glossy pages i feel all is good in the world and i can move on with a clear head, it's just my way of dealing with everyday stress, i use Vogue as my bible. 

This month Vogue is all about the cape...yes that's right i said capes! Finally an excuses to wear a cape, not only will it make you feel fabulous and super stylish  you get to let your inner super geek/hero out! 

Will you be letting your inner superhero out this Autumn /Winter?

What's Tracy been up to...

1, it's that time of year when all i want to do on a Sunday is snuggle up on the sofa and watch a classic movie with a nice hot chocolate (options orange is my favourite, Yum!).  
2 & 3, I have been reminiscing about our fabulous California road trip we too back in 2011, would love to do it again! 
4, I find that even though the weather is turning i am still using my pastel pink Kate Spade bag and pink pumps! 
5, Walking my Doggy Rosie and spotted this, it reminds me of 'A Walk to Remember' where she is in two places at once, i know it's sad but i straddled the line.  (yep I'm a hopeless romantic!).
6, My latest phone case need! yep i need that Moschino case! ;)
7, I have a stationery addiction and whilst in the Radley store at the weekend i spotted this super cute note book and had to have it! 
8, My wonderful Hubby was away with work and brought me back a prezzie.  (So excited)!
9, I love this picture simply because my baby is 12, on one hand she is incredibly grown up and responsible and on the other she still does silly things like this that show me she's still my baby. :D 
10, This is my beauty must have at the moment, my make-up simply doesn't sit right without it, how i got to the ripe age of 32 without it in my life i will never know! 
11, Yeah!...i have finally found my super power! 
12. This is my Marc Jacobs Christmas (make-up) wish list! 
13, My Hubby's B'day night out, it was great meeting up with old friends.  
14, Keep the wine flowing...
15, There is always a casualty from a night out and this time it's my nail, i was sad having to cut them all down. 
16 & 17,  Visited with Jo, Summer & Jacob this Saturday, it cheered me up no end, seriously how can you not be happy around such an adorable baby and dog?  Also Summer was rocking an awesome Ted Baker outfit, Stylish Baby! 
18, Pure Bliss, an extra hour in bed on Sunday!!!