Biggest Insecurity @Benefit @Dior #bblogger

I have lost weight over the last two years and a side effect to that is sunken eyes, this is my biggest insecurity at the moment, i hate the look of my face without make up on as i look like i've aged ten years!  On Sunday i left my house to walk my dog and my neighbor's kid said "Tracy you look old today" yes i was makeup free and hungover but still it isn't nice to hear your biggest insecurity out loud! 

Spending several hours on YouTube watching different videos that claim to banish, cover and remove the bags i tried a couple...cucumbers on my eyes, cool packs, spoons, drink more water and the worst sleeping on my back (this goes against everything i've ever known, i don't love pillows in fact i would rather go without and i always sleep on my tummy). so i was left with coving them, which is great and i have found some great products but that doesn't help my confidence without make up! 

The products i tired are Dior Fix it Colour, Benefit Erase Paste & Benefit Fake up! 
 I had really high hope for the Dior Fix it Colour because i adore all Dior products, they sell quality products, however this one wasn't very good, it was too light and i have a casper the friendly ghost like complexion so Jaune/Yellow should have worked for me but it didn't. (sad face).
 Moving on to the Erase Paste, this is a wonderful creation and thank you Benefit for bringing this into my life.  I have used this as a heavy duty concealer because its awesome, 

I apply this on top of the fake up and set it before adding my foundation, works a treat! 

The Fake Up is my favorite though because it covers and hydrates at the same time, i apply my moisturizer, fake up, erase paste and set them before applying the days makeup.  I get a good 12 hours out of my makeup and that includes a 2 hour gym session. 


  1. Erase paste is my absolute favourite :)
    Perfect for under the eyes!


  2. Hi Dani,

    I am addicted to it, i started only using under my eyes but i have now moved on to using to cover red blotches and's magic paste.